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About us

     The beginnings of Bispol S.A. company reach back to 1880 year. Years of experience and modernization processes drove and still drive to improvement of our production due to new technologies and a solid machine park.
     We are ready to face all challenges of a modern civilization development. Our advantages are experienced and professional staff as well as technical advanced machines. Our high level of quality is proved by certificates.
     The assortment we offer include screws, nuts, bolts and other fasteners and their different sizes, lengths, threads and property classes. The modification range of produced items depends on customer's needs and expectations. We offer goods made of steel and non-ferrous metals according to PN, DIN, UNC, UNF standards and also different shape elements due to RB and customer's drawings.
     We offer our goods in different coatings starting from electrolytic zinc coating in different passivation through hot-dip zinc coating, RIV DAC 320 to Fe/Zn coating and phosphate coating. Every new item we produce is the only and unique challenge, which the aim is customer's satisfaction and proves our technological potential and in a consequence high position on a screw market in Poland and in the world.
     Experience and professional qualifications of the personnel, adequate machinery and efficient orga nization and management allows us to address all challenges relating to fasteners in today's assembly technology.
     The wide range of products and application of new logistic solutions ensure smooth and flexible deliveries and fast response to the needs of Customers.

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